Analysis of the results of Should Cost models
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Costs and prices of AC electric motors

Published by Redazione PricePedia. .

Electrical Appliances Should Cost

Comparing the price dynamics of electric motors with their estimated costs through a should cost [ Read all ]

Analysis of differentiated products: the case of paints

Published by Luca Sazzini. .

Specialty chemicals Should Cost

Come negoziare una riduzione dei prezzi delle vernici? [ Read all ]

Should Cost for a 20 kVA dry-type electrical transformer

Published by Pasquale Marzano. .

Electrical Appliances Should Cost

In light of the energy transition process, some technologically advanced products, such as EV car batteries and electrical transformers, are taking on an increasingly important role. In this articl... [ Read all ]

Should cost and knowledge of hidden curves: two tools for negotiation

Published by Luigi Bidoia. .

Hidden curves Should Cost

How to move price negotiation from the level of opinions to that of facts [ Read all ]

Should Cost for NMC111 Lithium Ion Battery

Published by Luca Sazzini. .

Electrical Appliances Should Cost

How much should NMC111 battery prices fall? [ Read all ]