Price Data

Daily prices

Source: Financial markets

Daily Data Prices

Analyze the trend of daily price historical series relating to commodities listed on the main international commodity exchanges (London Metal Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Shanghai Future Exchange, etc.)

Monthly prices

Source: EU customs declarations

EU Customs

Analyze the prices obtained from international transactions of EU countries, the reference month's contracts and negotiations price and their dispersion (minimum price and maximum price)


Source: PricePedia

PricePedia Scenario

Analyze the forecast scenario obtained with a model of over 300 structural equations, which consider costs, supply and demand conditions, expectations of financial operators and possible short-term shocks



Build your personalized report and monitor the price trends you are interested in

Should Cost

Compose your cost index starting from the series that you can find in PricePedia


Build your personalized model to predict the prices you are interested in


Price HeatMap

Monitor the weekly trend of the main commodities listed on international commodity exchanges


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