Troubleshooting and resolution of access problems

Are you having problems using some modules of the platform?
By following the steps described below you can easily solveany display problems.

Use a modern and up-to-date browser

Many areas of this platform use cutting-edge web technologies,therefore we recommend that you use a modern and up-to-date browser.In case of display problems, try opening the site with a different browser, we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox!

Try installing the latest version of the browser and installing system updates.
The minimum browser versions recommended are:

  • Mozila Firefox > 60
  • Google Chrome > 60
  • Microsoft Edge > 100
  • Safari > 12

Submit a support request

If you can't solve a problem or get assistance you cancontact us at you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Describe the problem in detail; if you can, attach thescreenshot (even better with the developer console open).

Empty your browser cache

Sometimes it can happen that the browser keeps some files in memory foravoid re-downloading them; you may, therefore, have problems withplatform display if your browser has files in memoryoutdated. Try clearing your browser cache.

You can find detailed information to clean up the cacheto these addresses of the official pages of the various browsers:

Disable browser extensions

Sometimes it can happen that some browser extensions interfere withweb applications, creating malfunctions. You can exclude this option with a simple test, by deactivating the extensions of your browser or by browsing the site in Incognito browsing window. Incognito browsing disables browser extensions only for the current browsing session.
You can find detailed information on how to activate incognito browsing at these addresses of the official pages of the various browsers: