Hot-Rolled Coils
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April 2024 hot-rolled coils prices update

Published by Luca Sazzini. .

Hot-Rolled Coils HRC Import tariffs

The futures maturity curve predicted the current price dynamics [ Read all ]

Hot-rolled Coils USA: Future Continous

Published by Luca Sazzini. .

Hot-Rolled Coils HRC Price Drivers

Analysing the individual contracts underlying the continous future reveals the expectations of traders [ Read all ]

New effects on HRC prices due to the total ban on steel imports from Russia

Published by Luigi Bidoia. .

Hot-Rolled Coils EU sanctions against Russia HRC Price Drivers

With the ban on slab imports, the European steel industry will be completely disconnected from the Russian one [ Read all ]

2023, year of recovery? Early signs from the price of copper

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Exchange Rates LME Copper Non Ferrous Metals Hot-Rolled Coils Macroeconomics Doctor Copper Says

Doctor Copper Says: copper price dynamics to monitor the economy [ Read all ]

PricePedia Last Price

Published by Luigi Bidoia. .

Natural Gas Hot-Rolled Coils Analysis tools and methodologies

Una misura dei prezzi di mercato in tempo reale [ Read all ]