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Will the price of zamak remain higher than that of aluminium?

Published by Luca Sazzini. .

Zinc Forecast Forecast

Zamak price forecast determined by zinc price [ Read all ]

Differential trend in commodity prices over the next two years

Published by Pasquale Marzano. .

Last Price Forecast Forecast

PricePedia Scenario November 2023 [ Read all ]

Aluminium LME Price Forecasts

Published by Luca Sazzini. .

Forecast Aluminium Forecast

Limited increase in aluminium prices for the next two years [ Read all ]

Commodity prices amid sticky inflation and weak economic cycle

Published by Pasquale Marzano. .

Last Price Forecast

PricePedia Scenario October 2023 [ Read all ]

Preliminary analysis for the 2023 procurement budget

Published by Luigi Bidoia. .

Ferrous Metals Inorganic Chemicals Procurement Budget Forecast

Before formulating the 2023 budget assumptions, it is appropriate to assess the degree to which the current price level is balanced [ Read all ]

Energy Price Forecasts

Published by Luigi Bidoia. .

Energy cost Coal Electricity's National Single Price Natural Gas Oil Forecast

With July 2022, a semester that will be particularly difficult has begun [ Read all ]

Supercycle or just in case

Published by Luigi Bidoia. .

Forecast Supercycle Forecast

Both factors appear to have contributed to the strong rise in commodity prices [ Read all ]