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Integrated Market Analysis: price dynamics between ores, scrap and metals

Published by Luigi Bidoia. .

Zinc Copper Non Ferrous Metals Aluminium Price Drivers

Expanding the analysis of prices of major non-ferrous metals beyond geopolitical tensions and expectations of energy transition [ Read all ]

Update of aluminium prices to May 2024

Published by Luca Sazzini. .

Non Ferrous Metals Aluminium Price Drivers

Analisi dei benchmark finanziari e dei prezzi doganali dell'alluminio [ Read all ]

Recycling market sets aluminium prices

Published by Luca Sazzini. .

Zinc Aluminium Price Drivers

Recycling market has changed the relative price between aluminium and zinc [ Read all ]

Aluminium LME Price Forecasts

Published by Luca Sazzini. .

Forecast Aluminium Forecast

Limited increase in aluminium prices for the next two years [ Read all ]